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Are your finances messy & complicated?

Take control of your debt, and your life.

We all need to understand our money.

You deserve to have more out of life than just a paycheck!

It's not about what you make.  

Rather, it's what you do with what you make!

If you're ready to get clear plan for your finances, you're in the right place. 

At Savvy Financial Habits, we provide financial coaching for individuals and couples.  

We inspire you to take control of your finances rather than be controlled by them.


Through our coaching, you will develop better money habits, become more intentional with your money, make better financial decisions, and transform your financial life.

Top 10 Reasons why Financial Coaching
might be a good fit for you:

  1. You want a personal confidant who will be in your corner to "listen and guide" you in your financial decision making in a non-judgmental way.

  2. You are finally ready to get out of debt, but could use some help to get there.

  3. You want to develop better financial habits that lead you to enjoying better relationships, health, and happiness.

  4. You want more consistent results and less mistakes made when facing financial decisions.

  5. You want an easy to understand financial plan with clear steps to execute on that meets your timeline and goals.

  6. You want a personalized wealth plan to work towards to be secure in your future as you work toward financial independence (FIRE) or building your retirement nest egg.

  7. You desire to be far more intentional with your money.

  8. You want to start, change, improve, or eliminate some of your financial habits.

  9. You could use a confidant to help drive some extra accountability in your life.

  10. You want to break the cycle of living paycheck-to-paycheck while reducing the financial stress in your life.

My intention is to empower you financially so you have confidence, control and clarity when it comes to your money and your financial future.

Our Process

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Meet Rick

Rick Knowles is a financial coach who partners with individuals and couples to help transform their personal finances.


Prior to starting Savvy Financial Habits, Rick work for 38 years in a variety of corporate leadership roles.  After retiring early, he started a financial coaching private practice while also volunteering as a MoneyWise financial coach.

Rick serves a select number of clients, offering a highly personalized service to those who are passionately

committed to changing their financial future, money habits, and growing their net-worth.  

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Let's begin a conversation
about your finances.

Please Note:

We do not sell or recommend any financial products.  We do not receive any commissions or affiliate revenue of any kind.  

Therefore, clients will receive straight talk, advice, and guidance without being biased by compensation.

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