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"CAN DO" Coaching

It's All About You! 

The "CAN DO" process is how you jump start your financial transformation.
Invest in yourself to achieve your personal financial goals.

You "CAN DO" this!  It's possible!  Let's get started!

We have outlined below what to expect and how the
"CAN DO" process works.

"CAN DO" Process:


First: Homework

Ready to get started?  

Schedule your 30 minute "CAN DO" Kickoff Call.

During our kickoff call, we will identify your top priorities to be addressed. We will outline the necessary information that you will need to pull together.
After you complete the homework items and submit them, we will review your submitted materials and follow-up with any additional questions or clarifications.. Upon completion of the review, we will set an appointment for the 2-Hour "CAN DO" Meeting.


Second: Meet.

At our 2-Hour "Can Do" Meeting, we will take a detailed look at your current overall financial situation, monthly budget, monthly cashflow, and then review your short and long-term goals. We will then dig into what you like about your current finances and what you would like to see changed for the future.  
We will review specific recommendations for your situation in a workshop style meeting to outline the best approach for implementation to achieve your goals.


Third: Roadmap.

By the end of the 2-Hour "CAN DO" Meeting, you will have a fully outlined roadmap for transformation.  The roadmap considers your current financial state, outlined goals, necessary steps, and determines the path to be taken.  The documented roadmap is outlined in a step-by-step approach for you to take action.  


Fourth: Execute

Now you are ready to begin executing each of the roadmap action steps with a renewed purpose.  Your customized roadmap plan and action steps will be fully documented and provided to you.


The execution of your customized plan can be done on your own or by continuing to work with us.  We are available to provide ongoing guidance, support, accountability, and assistance. Execution and follow through is critical for the achievement of your financial goals.

"CAN DO" Follow-up - We will provide 30 days of unlimited email support regarding your roadmap plan.  Approximately 30 days after the "CAN DO" Meeting, we will schedule a 15 minute follow-up meeting to check on your progress and to provide an opportunity for any additional Q&A.

Schedule Your "CAN DO" Meeting

For Individuals & Couples


One 30-minute Kickoff Call

One 2-hour "CAN DO" Meeting

30 days Unlimited Email Support

One 15-minute Follow-up Call

$ 400

Every person's financial situation is unique - we get that!  This is exactly why we partner with you to build a customized plan and approach that fits your particular circumstances, goals, and timeline.

Get control of your money instead of letting your money control you.  

Let's partner together to change your financial future.

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