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"CAN DO" Financial Coaching

Let us show you how to gain financial freedom and success with all of your money.

Let us help you make the best financial decisions for yourself so that it will work for your life!


At Savvy Financial Habits, we provide a customized coaching experience tailored just for you. Whether you want out of debt, saving for retirement or building wealth--we'll be there every step of the way by showing you smart ways to build lasting financial habits around what matters most to you!

Gain clarity on your finances.

Get control of your money.

Prioritize what matters most.

Make the right money decisions.

Set and achieve goals.

Reduce financial risk.

Change certain financial behaviors.

Learn new habits to get out of debt & create wealth.

You "CAN DO" this.  Let's get started.


"CAN DO" Financial Coaching Engagement Includes:

Coaching Meetings

We will meet weekly or monthly depending on length of program.  We will cover your financial strategy, goals, priorities and plan of concrete actions to be accomplished each month.

Debt & Credit Plan

We will develop an overall debt elimination plan.  

We will focus on how to properly manage 

good versus bad debt and outline strategies to be used while improving your credit rating.. 


We will assess your money behaviors along with reviewing current spending habits. This helps inform the right habits to put into practice to improve your relationship with money

Roadmap & Actions

We will build a comprehensive and detailed roadmap of actions to be taken.  The roadmap will cover cashflow, emergency funding, debt elimination, savings goals, retirement funding, risk/insurance and net worth growth strategies.

Spending Plan Strategy

We will teach you a better way to create a monthly spending plan (budget) and be able to stick to it..   The focus is to create a realistic spending plan that fits your life that you can live with and feel good about.

Support & Advocacy

We will serve as your financial confidant and advocate. In between meetings, we will provide unlimited email support and adhoc calls as needed to answer any question regarding your finances. No matter the topic, we are here to help you.

"CAN DO" Financial Coaching

What it costs

Financial Coaching Session - my hourly rate is $400 for a single financial coaching session.  

For short-term "targeted" planning and financial coaching, we typically will meet with clients on average 2 - 5 sessions over the course of two or three months depending on their needs.  We develop a customized action plan for each client depending on their unique needs and financial situation.

For mid to longer-term client needs, we offer a monthly subscription below: