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Below are some typical questions regarding financial coaching that we have received from clients.  We hope these FAQs will help to answer your questions.
If you have any additional questions, reach out to schedule a time for us to speak

  • 1. What is a Financial Coach?
    What is a Financial Coach? A financial coach is a trained professional who helps you reach your financial goals. Financial coaching provides support, encouragement, accountability, and tools to help you create a plan for your money. No matter how messy and complicated your finances are, financial coaching is designed to help you achieve: Increased goal attainment through process / systematic changes Better money / life management skills Improve your savings, debt levels, credit scores, and investments Greater financial confidence Regardless of your situation, we meet you right where you are to help guide you in the right direction to win with money. Financial coaching is a highly individualized and one-on-one experience designed to help you improve your relationship with money by working with you at the intersection of your personal money beliefs, values and habits.
  • 2. Am I ready for Financial Coaching?
    Are you a good fit for financial coaching and are you coach-able? Here is a short list to think through to see if you are ready for financial coaching: I am ready and committed to changing my financial path for myself and my family. I am willing to develop my personal money habits to achieve financial freedom. I am fully aware there are no quick fixes or get rich fast schemes. I understand that personal money habits and disciplines take time to put into practice. I want a realistic plan for my long-term personal financial growth. I am ready to do the work necessary to produce the results I desire to reach my goals. I know that I must do the work necessary to change. I do not expect the financial coach to change me - only I can change myself. My financial coach will serve as a guide, but I must decide and make any changes for my life. I know that financial coaching is a worthwhile investment for my personal learning and future. I will fully participate and be prepared for all coaching appointments. I will be on-time. I will be accountable for my results and actions taken during coaching. I will be open to innovative and different concepts/ideas that will help me achieve my goals. If you are interested and ready for coaching, please schedule a complimentary session with me by clicking on the "Let's Talk" button at the top of this page on the banner.
  • 3. What is the difference between a Financial Coach and a Financial Advisor/Planner?
    What is the difference between a Financial Coach versus a Financial Advisor/Planner? In short, a Financial Advisor focuses on your money's behavior, but a Financial Coach focuses on your specific behavior with money. Here is an easy distinction between the two: Financial Advisor/Planner -- Financial advisors/planners work to manage and build on wealth that "already" exists. They have the ability to broker/sell you several types of products, such as, insurance, stocks, mutual funds, bonds, etc... They ususally specialize in one or more of the following areas: investments, insurance, taxes, or retirement planning. They typically make their money based on what they sell you or based on a percentage of the assets (money) you let them manage for you. Financial Coach -- Financial Coaches work with you using the basics of personal finance to help you understand how to manage your day-to-day money most effectively. A Financial Coach provides information, training, and strategies that help put clients in the best possible position to spend wisely, reduce debt, increase savings, invest for goals, reduce risk, and increase their net-worth. Here is an article that outlines what a financial coach is: SmartAsset Article:
  • 4. What products do you sell?
    Absolutely nothing! We do not sell or market any financial products. We do not make any commissions, rewards, or kickbacks of any kind from anyone. Therefore, our coaching, advice, and recommendations are not biased based on potential compensation from others. Our 100% focus is on you, your working relationship with your money, and helping you achieve your financial goals.
  • 5. Can I afford Financial Coaching?
    I'm Broke! How can I afford Financial Coaching? Financial Coaching helps keep your money, not take it! Financial Coaching is the best way to develop the right money habits/behaviors and put an end to your money problems. This is an investment in you. We work with you on your monthly budget and typically find opportunities to either save money or attack debt which drives savings immediately. Our experience shows that over 90% of people recoup their cost within a 2-to-3 month period. Financial coaching pays for itself via improved net-worth, reduced debt, reduction of stress, improved relationships, and better health. This is about your "priorities" of where to direct your resources. When you invest in yourself, it changes you, your financial habits, and most importantly, your future.
  • 6. How much does Financial Coaching cost?
    We never charge for your initial session/discussion, and you are never under any obligation to continue. We typically work with clients in two different ways, they are: Targeted Financial Coaching (Hourly) This is typically for clients who have a targeted issue, goal, or problem they are wanting to address in a short timeframe. My hourly rate for this format of financial coaching is $350 per hour. A typical client will usually meet 1 - 2 times per month over the course of 2 - 4 months depending on their unique situation and specific needs/goals. (Average total cost usually is $1,500 - $1,800) Monthly Financial Coaching Subscription The greatest change in money habits takes time to develop and implement. Therefore, we believe working together over a longer period will yield the best results for your financial habits, money discipline, and life change. Monthly coaching is designed to allow us to partner with you and walk beside you through a season to address your personal needs and financial goals. This is a month-by-month subscription only with a minimum of 6 months. You may cancel at any time after the first 6 months. Monthly Financial Coaching includes the following: ​ 2-hour financial deep dive to establish a baseline of their current financial situation. Assessments of money scripts/beliefs/habits (additional assessment tools may be used depending on client's situation) Purpose and Financial Goals identification and blueprinting Money Gap Analysis Net-worth (Wealth) Tracking and Planning Minimum of 2 Coaching Calls/Meetings per month for the first 1 - 2 months will take place until a financial foundation is established and blueprint/roadmap is outlined to act on. 1 Coaching Call/Meeting per month starting around month 3 and going forward (depending on plan and your need) Adhoc calls on-demand as necessary for support Unlimited Email and Text support in between meetings The Monthly Financial Coaching Subscription cost is: 1. One-time fee of $500 2. Monthly Subscription fee of: Couples - $250 per month* Individuals - $185 per month* ​ *We offer coaching discounts for military/veterans, college students, and recent graduates (first year out of college). Example Financial Coaching Process - This is an example of a typical engagement, but is often customized based on the client's needs. Financial Coaching Process
  • 7. Why pay for learning Financial skills?
    Why should I pay a Financial Coach to teach me Financial skills, habits, and practices? ​ In short, "passive learning" (books, videos, social media, etc...) is generalized information, and it usually doesn't lead to real change in one's life. As a matter of fact, if you are more of a passive learner then please check out my "Resources" page on this website where I list out multiple blogs, websites, tools, videos, and links to assist those who are interested in DIY learning. However, with a Financial Coach, the opposite is true, as it is "active learning" that takes place as we work together on a customized plan based on your unique financial circumstances. ​ We will engage with you, push you, and challenge you to put into practice the financial principles, skills, and teachings to help drive change in your current season of life. With a Financial Coach, you will have a greater sense of accountability, deeper motivation, and far faster results.
  • 8. My spouse/partner isn't on board with Financial Coaching, can I get coaching by myself?
    My spouse/partner isn't on board with Financial Coaching, can I get coaching by myself? ​ Yes, you can get coaching for yourself. However, this isn't the preferred way based on experience in coaching couples/partners. We have found that to really achieve success with your finances, both spouses/partners need to be invested in the process to work together. This is about “we” versus “me” when it comes to working on finances together as a family. If you would like some help with getting your partner on board with financial coaching, please reach out, and we can discuss some strategies.
  • 9. How do we meet for Financial Coaching?
    How/Where do we meet for Financial Coaching? We mostly meet virtually, but in some cases, we can meet in person. ​ In-person: We work out of the North Atlanta Metro area for most of the year and the North Florida Panhandle part of the year (Pensacola/Destin area). Therefore, if you would like to meet face-to-face, we can arrange for an in person meeting, if preferred. ​ Online/Virtual: We work virtually utilizing both phone calls and Google Meet for all coaching sessions and collaboration. Therefore, regardless of your location in the U.S., we can meet and work together. ​ Once we confirm a meeting date, we will send you a SECURE meeting LINK for Google Meet/Microsoft Teams to use on your computer, tablet, or phone's web browser. The meeting information is sent out to you when you schedule an appointment and a reminder will be sent to you approximately 24 hours in advance of our session to ensure you have time to confirm and test your system set-up.
  • 10. What does a typical engagement process look like for coaching?
    A typical coaching process follows the outlined steps below:
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